Dr. Derrick Justice | Ministries
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It’s Time To Discover A Better You!

This exciting new book provides powerful revelation for the Church: How to apply faith to the food you eat to receive the looks and life you want. God’s food is packed with miraculous healing and beautifying power. There is the power in food to better your appearance and heal the infirmities and illnesses in your body, and you unlock it with your faith. Get this phenomenal new book and learn to apply your faith to your food.

Applying faith to the food you eat will transform your looks, your health, and your life. This book will renew your thinking about food and show you what types of food to eat so you can be transformed. Stop eating just to eat—eat to be better. God wants you to look your best, feel your best, and live your best life, and you can start NOW!

What People Are Saying

“This book is simmered with gripping thoughts, accented with rich imagery, sautéed with practical ideas, and seasoned with relevant subject matter. This is a must read for anybody who is serious about vibrant life and development in the area of healthy living. This book is absolutely flawless!”

—Bishop Sir Walter Mack
Pastor of Union Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“Derrick Justice has provided important and vital insights about the relationship among food, faith, and good health.  This book is an enlightening and empowering guide to healthy living at every age. Important lessons and practical knowledge contained in these pages are invaluable tools for those searching for answers to health and wellness through food.”

—Paulette S. Dillard, Ph.D.
President of Shaw University
Raleigh, NC