Dr. Derrick Justice | About Dr. Derrick Justice
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About Dr. Derrick Justice

Dr. Derrick Justice is the visionary founder of Derrick Justice Ministries. With over 12 years of pastoral experience and 20 years of professional education, Dr. Justice is a gifted speaker and writer.

His new and long-awaited book, Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better: What God Wants You To Know About Food, is dynamic and transformative. Inspired by God to renew the way people think about food, Derrick Justice’s new book is a must read for anyone deeply desiring a better quality of life.

From a single parent to a pastor and college professor, Derrick’s life has been molded and shaped to articulate the life-changing benefits that result when faith is combined with food.

For Dr. Justice, the Christian faith is not just a belief system; rather, faith in God is what makes life worth living, and faith is meant to make every aspect of life better.

Dr. Justice is the recipient of the prestigious Jameson Jones Preaching Award from Duke University, and he has lectured and presented to audiences and congregation around the country.

As the Senior Pastor of Lillington Star F.W.B. Church in the beautiful city of Lillington, North Carolina, Derrick Justice’s messages and workshops on faith, food, and healing are revelatory.

As outlined in Dr. Justice’s new book, you can look better, you can feel better, and you can live better.